I deeply care about the commitments we make to sharing stories and messages for clients and communities.


Connecting with creative teams behind the scenes and working with people in their every day life or actors on set – I feel it's an enriching way to meet the world.

  • Foster received the LinkedIn Compassion Award at the Compassion in Leadership Summit – Mountain View California June 2019.
  • The acknowledgment highlights his work on over 20 projects for non-profits around the world – including VICTORS, entering festivals now. The Compassion Award story is featured in CBS and Forbes.
  • His work has been syndicated by Outside Online, Matadore Network, and Redbull
  • Foster has a background in aerospace engineering and  holds 7 patents, currently licensed to United Technologies with applications that include programs with the Geared Turbofan Engine on the Airbus A320neo.
  • In his spare time, Joe is an avid pounamu and wood carver, fly-fisherman, hiker, mountain bike racer, novice spearfisherman, surfer and sailor, human rights and environmental policy advocate.
  • He is best known for his wild sense of humor, quick-thinking, and ability to collaborate and to connect with people and their story genuinely.
  • He has filmed under Academy Award Winning Director, Cynthia Wade, and produced his own documentary shorts.




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